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Detailübersetzungen für communicate (Englisch) ins Spanisch


to communicate Verb (communicates, communicated, communicating)

  1. to communicate
  2. to communicate (have a conversation; speak; converse; talk)
  3. to communicate (make one's opinion known; announce; impart; )

Konjugationen für communicate:

  1. communicate
  2. communicate
  3. communicates
  4. communicate
  5. communicate
  6. communicate
simple past
  1. communicated
  2. communicated
  3. communicated
  4. communicated
  5. communicated
  6. communicated
present perfect
  1. have communicated
  2. have communicated
  3. has communicated
  4. have communicated
  5. have communicated
  6. have communicated
past continuous
  1. was communicating
  2. were communicating
  3. was communicating
  4. were communicating
  5. were communicating
  6. were communicating
  1. shall communicate
  2. will communicate
  3. will communicate
  4. shall communicate
  5. will communicate
  6. will communicate
continuous present
  1. am communicating
  2. are communicating
  3. is communicating
  4. are communicating
  5. are communicating
  6. are communicating
  1. be communicated
  2. be communicated
  3. be communicated
  4. be communicated
  5. be communicated
  6. be communicated
  1. communicate!
  2. let's communicate!
  3. communicated
  4. communicating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für communicate:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
avisar giving notice of; notifying
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
avisar announce; communicate; impart; inform; intimate; make one's opinion known; state announce; declare; expound; give; give notice of; inform; list; make known; mention; notify; proclaim; remind; send for; send word; state; subpoena; summon
charlar communicate; converse; have a conversation; speak; talk babble; be a pain in the neck; blab; chat; chatter; converse; discuss; drivel; gab; have a chat; jabber; jabber away; jaw; keep on; nag; prattle; prattle on; rabbit; rave; rot; talk; talk crap; talk nonsense; talk rot; talk rubbish; twaddle; waffle
comunicar announce; communicate; impart; inform; intimate; make one's opinion known; state announce; blab; call attention to; chat; chatter; connect; declare; expound; feed; give notice of; have a conversation; indicate; inform; instil; instill; make known; narrate; notify; pass on; point out; proclaim; put through; rattle; relate; report; send word; speak; state; talk; tell
hablar communicate; converse; have a conversation; speak; talk blab; call attention to; chat; chatter; converse; discuss; express; express oneself; give a speech; give expression to; have a conversation; impersonate; indicate; inform; instil; instill; make known; narrate; point out; rattle; relate; reveal oneself; speak; speechify; talk; tell; utter; ventilate
transmitir communicate assign; broadcast; delate; deliver up; deposit; extend; give; give to; hand; hand down; hand over; offer; pass; present with; remit; send; transfer
- commune; convey; intercommunicate; pass; pass along; pass on; put across; transmit

Verwandte Wörter für "communicate":

Synonyms for "communicate":

  • pass on; pass; pass along; put across; convey; transmit
  • intercommunicate; interact
  • convey; transmit; transfer
  • intercommunicate
  • covenant
  • commune

Antonyme für "communicate":

  • excommunicate

Verwandte Definitionen für "communicate":

  1. transmit thoughts or feelings1
    • He communicated his anxieties to the psychiatrist1
  2. transmit information 1
    • Please communicate this message to all employees1
  3. receive Communion, in the Catholic church1
  4. administer Communion; in church1
  5. be in verbal contact; interchange information or ideas1
    • He and his sons haven't communicated for years1
    • Do you communicate well with your advisor?1
  6. join or connect1
    • The rooms communicated1
  7. transfer to another1
    • communicate a disease1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für communicate:

  1. to express or convey ideas, either through verbal or nonverbal means
  2. to receive or take part in Holy Communion
  3. to share (in); to have in common, to partake of

Cross Translation:
communicate comunicar communiceren — met elkaar in contact komen
communicate comunicar berichten — van nieuws voorzien over iets
communicate informar; notificar; comunicar mitteilen — eine Person über etwas informieren, eine Person etwas wissen lassen
communicate comunicar communiquerrendre commun à ; faire part de ; transmettre.