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derived Adjektiv

  1. derived (stemming from)

Übersetzung Matrix für derived:

ModifierVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
abgeleitet derived; stemming from reduced

Synonyms for "derived":

Antonyme für "derived":

  • underived

Verwandte Definitionen für "derived":

  1. formed or developed from something else; not original1
    • the belief that classes and organizations are secondary and derived1

derived form of derive:

to derive Verb (derives, derived, deriving)

  1. to derive (draw)
    leihen; entlehnen; ziehen; entnehmen; holen; andrehen; erreichen; treiben; heranziehen; borgen; hervorziehen; ausschöpfen; herausnehmen; aushecken; ausfädeln; schaffen; abheben; schöpfen; ausnehmen; ausholen; auspumpen
    • leihen Verb (leihe, leist, leiht, lieht, geliehen)
    • entlehnen Verb (entlehne, entlehnst, entlehnt, entlehnte, entlehntet, entlehnt)
    • ziehen Verb (ziehe, ziehst, zieht, zog, zogt, gezogen)
    • entnehmen Verb (entnehme, entnimmst, entnimmt, entnahm, entnahmt, entnommen)
    • holen Verb (hole, holst, holt, holte, holtet, geholt)
    • andrehen Verb (drehe an, drehst an, dreht an, drehte an, drehtet an, angedreht)
    • erreichen Verb (erreiche, erreichst, erreicht, erreichte, erreichtet, erreicht)
    • treiben Verb (treibe, treibst, treibt, trieb, triebt, getrieben)
    • heranziehen Verb (ziehe heran, ziehst heran, zieht heran, zog heran, zogt heran, herangezogen)
    • borgen Verb (borge, borgst, borgt, borgte, borgtet, geborgt)
    • hervorziehen Verb (ziehe hervor, ziehst hervor, zieht hervor, zog hervor, zogt hervor, hervorgezogen)
    • ausschöpfen Verb (schöpfe aus, schöpfst aus, schöpft aus, schöpfte aus, schöpftet aus, ausgeschöpft)
    • herausnehmen Verb (nehme heraus, nimmst heraus, nimmt heraus, nahm heraus, nahmt heraus, herausgenommen)
    • aushecken Verb (hecke aus, heckst aus, heckt aus, heckte aus, hecktet aus, ausgeheckt)
    • ausfädeln Verb (fädele aus, fädelst aus, fädelt aus, fädelte aus, fädeltet aus, ausgefädelt)
    • schaffen Verb (schaffe, schaffst, schafft, schuff, schufft, geschaffen)
    • abheben Verb (hebe ab, hebst ab, hebt ab, hob ab, hobt ab, abgehoben)
    • schöpfen Verb (schöpfe, schöpfst, schöpft, schöpfte, schöpftet, geschöpft)
    • ausnehmen Verb (nehme aus, nimmst aus, nimmt aus, nahm aus, nahmt aus, ausgenommen)
    • ausholen Verb (hole aus, holst aus, holt aus, holte aus, holtet aus, ausgeholt)
    • auspumpen Verb (pumpe aus, pumpst aus, pumpt aus, pumpte aus, pumptet aus, ausgepumpt)

Konjugationen für derive:

  1. derive
  2. derive
  3. derives
  4. derive
  5. derive
  6. derive
simple past
  1. derived
  2. derived
  3. derived
  4. derived
  5. derived
  6. derived
present perfect
  1. have derived
  2. have derived
  3. has derived
  4. have derived
  5. have derived
  6. have derived
past continuous
  1. was deriving
  2. were deriving
  3. was deriving
  4. were deriving
  5. were deriving
  6. were deriving
  1. shall derive
  2. will derive
  3. will derive
  4. shall derive
  5. will derive
  6. will derive
continuous present
  1. am deriving
  2. are deriving
  3. is deriving
  4. are deriving
  5. are deriving
  6. are deriving
  1. be derived
  2. be derived
  3. be derived
  4. be derived
  5. be derived
  6. be derived
  1. derive!
  2. let's derive!
  3. derived
  4. deriving
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für derive:

VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
abheben derive; draw ascend; be off; be on the upgrade; become higher; become larger; begin; bristle; climb; commence; flare up; fly up; get away; get under way; go up; go upward; grow; increase; mount; rise; rise to the surface; set in; start; take off
andrehen derive; draw get undone; lock; pull out; screw; screw down; screw on; thighten; tighten; unpick; untie
ausfädeln derive; draw adjourn; break down; disentangle; disentwine; fray; get undone; loosen; play a trick; pull out; ravel out; sever; unbutton; undo; unlock; unpick; unravel; untie
aushecken derive; draw get undone; play a trick; pull out; unpick; untie
ausholen derive; draw get undone; pull out; take out; undo; unpick; untie
ausnehmen derive; draw bare; cheat; clean out; clear; clear out; clock off; cure; drain; empty; exploit; finish; gull; gut; gut and cure; pull out; ransack; remove; spoof; strip; strip bare; take advantage of; take out; trick; undo; unpick
auspumpen derive; draw fatigue; pump dry; pump out; tire out; wear out
ausschöpfen derive; draw bail; bail out; bale out
borgen derive; draw
entlehnen derive; draw
entnehmen derive; draw accuse; blame; clear; clear the table; collect; come round for; conclude; deduce; deduct; deprive; discredit; draw up; empty the table; fetch; hold against; pick; pick up; rebuke; reprimand; reproach; rob; take; take along; take away
erreichen derive; draw accomplish; act; do; end up; gain; get through; reach; win
heranziehen derive; draw breed; clone; consult; cultivate; drag; haul; seek
herausnehmen derive; draw clean out; clear; clear out; drain; empty; finish; lift out; make empty; pull out; remove; remove what is inside; take out; undo; unpick
hervorziehen derive; draw
holen derive; draw collect; distribute; fetch; gain; get; get something; hand out; pick something up; pick up; ration; win
leihen derive; draw
schaffen derive; draw accomplish; act; bring about; bring forth; bring it off; bring off; carry it out; come up to the expectations; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; cope; create; design; dig up; distribute; do; effect; exploit; fix; function; furnish; generate; hand out; invent; lift; make; manage; manufacture; prepare; produce; provide; pull off; ration; realise; realize; succeed; supply
schöpfen derive; draw conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; invent; ladle; make; manufacture; prepare; spoon
treiben derive; draw accomplish; act; arise; ascent; breed; clone; commit; cultivate; do; do accidentally; function; get undone; inadvertently do something; make love; perpetrate; play a trick; practice; practise; pull out; rise; rise up; stand up; unpick; untie
ziehen derive; draw be drafty; be draughty; breed; clone; collect; cultivate; drag; draw; haul; heave; inhale; let the draught through; let the wind through; pick something up; pull; raise; rear; sniff; sniff up; snort; tug
- come; deduce; deduct; descend; educe; gain; infer

Verwandte Wörter für "derive":

Synonyms for "derive":

Verwandte Definitionen für "derive":

  1. develop or evolve from a latent or potential state1
  2. come from1
    • The present name derives from an older form1
  3. reason by deduction; establish by deduction1
  4. obtain1
    • derive pleasure from one's garden1
  5. come from; be connected by a relationship of blood, for example1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für derive:

  1. originate (from)
  2. create (a compound) from another by means of a reaction
  3. find the derivation of (a word or phrase)
  4. deduce (a conclusion) by reasoning
  5. obtain (something) from something else
  1. (transitiv) etwas (etwa eine Hypothese oder ein Wort) von etwas Anderem ableiten, um es zu beweisen oder zu erklären
  2. (reflexiv) von etwas abzuleiten sein
  1. -

Cross Translation:
derive entspringen; von etwas kommen; sich aus etwas ergeben découler — provenir logiquement ou naturellement
derive ableiten dériver — Tirer son origine de quelque part
derive herleiten; ableiten dériver — Être issu par dérivation propre ou impropre
derive entspringen; entstehen; herkommen; stammen; abstammen provenirprocéder, venir, dériver, résulter.