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  1. Prüfpunkt
    the checkpoint
    – In a server cluster node`s registry, a snapshot of the Cluster subkey or of an application subkey. The checkpoint is written to the quorum disk when certain events take place, such as a node failure. 1
  2. Prüfpunkt
    the checkpoint
    – A common point of entry for spyware guarded by an agent. Examples of checkpoints include Startup Folder, dial up connections, Wi-Fi connections, Internet Safe Sites, Winsock Layered Service Providers, Windows Messenger Service, and SPAM Zombie prevention. 1
  3. Prüfpunkt
    the checkpoint
    – A point-in-time snapshot of a virtual machine that enables an administrator to roll the virtual machine back to its state at the moment when the checkpoint was created. 1
  4. Prüfpunkt
    the checkpoint
    – An event in which the Database Engine writes dirty buffer pages to disk. Each checkpoint writes to disk all the pages that were dirty at the last checkpoint and still have not been written to disk. 1

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checkpoint Prüfpunkt Grenzstelle; Kontrollposten; Kontrollstelle