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  1. Kompatibilität
    the compatibility
    – The degree to which a computer, an attached device, a data file, or a program can work with or understand the same commands, formats, or language as another. True compatibility means that any operational differences are invisible to people and programs alike. 1
  2. Kompatibilität
    the compatibility
    – In reference to software, harmony on a task-oriented level among computers and computer programs. Computers deemed software-compatible are those that can run programs originally designed for other makes or models. Software compatibility also refers to the extent to which programs can work together and share data. In another area, totally different programs, such as a word processor and a drawing program, are compatible with one another if each can incorporate images or files created using the other. All types of software compatibility become increasingly important as computer communications, networks, and program-to-program file transfers become near-essential aspects of microcomputer operation. 1
  3. Kompatibilität
    the compatibility
    – The extent to which two machines can work in harmony. Compatibility (or the lack thereof) between two machines indicates whether, and to what degree, the computers can communicate, share data, or run the same programs. For example, an Apple Macintosh and an IBM PC are generally incompatible because they cannot communicate freely or share data without the aid of hardware and/ or software that functions as an intermediary or a converter. 1
  4. Kompatibilität
    the compatibility
    – The extent to which a web site or web page displays as the designer expects from one browser to the next. 1
  5. Kompatibilität (Einhaltung)
    the compliance
    – The adherence to stated standards. 1

Übersetzung Matrix für Kompatibilität:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
compatibility Kompatibilität
compliance Einhaltung; Kompatibilität Anspruchslosigkeit; Bescheidenheit; Biegsamkeit; Dienstbarkeit; Dienstbereitschaft; Dienstfertigkeit; Entgegenkommen; Flüssigkeit; Folgsamkeit; Gefälligkeit; Gefügigkeit; Gehorsam; Gelenkigkeit; Genügsamkeit; Geschmeidigkeit; Hilfsbereitschaft; Milde; Nachgiebigkeit; Richtlinientreue; Wendigkeit; Willfährigkeit; Wohlwollen; Zuvorkommendheit

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Wiktionary Übersetzungen für Kompatibilität:

  1. die Eigenschaft kompatibel zu sein
  2. Linguistik: Verträglichkeit, Kombinierbarkeit sprachlicher Elemente im Satz
  1. the capability to exist without mutual interference

Cross Translation:
Kompatibilität compatibility compatibilitéqualité de ce qui est compatible.