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  1. Layout
    the layout
    – In computer design, the arrangement of circuits and other components of the system. 1
  2. Layout
    the layout
    – The overall plan or design of a document system. 1
  3. Layout
    the layout
    – In programming, the order and sequence of input and output. 1
  4. Layout
    the layout
    – The organization (the arrangement, size, and position) of the visual elements in your application, with respect to each other and the overall application window. 1
  5. Layout
    the Layout
    – A tool that allows you to quickly draw one of a collection of layout panels (containers). 1
  6. Layout
    the layout
    – The overall design of a page or content set, including text elements, controls, and graphics. 1

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  1. Gesamtheit der Text- und Bildgestaltung bei der Verwirklichung eines geistigen Bildes
  1. process of arranging media content for publishing