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  1. Design (Skin)
    the skin
    – A customized user interface that overlays an existing user interface. A skin customizes the look of the program but does not affect its functionality. Programs that allow the use of skins usually make standards available for the creation and distribution of new skins. 1
    • skin [the ~] Nomen
  2. Design
    the theme
    – A set of coordinated graphic elements applied to a document or Web page, or across all pages in a Web site. Themes can consist of designs and color schemes for fonts, link bars, and other page elements. 1
  3. Design
    the theme
    – In ASP.NET, a collection of control properties, stylesheets, and images that can be applied as a unit to a page or Web site to define an overall appearance. 1
  4. Design
    the theme
    – A set of colors and background images that lets users change the appearance of Windows Live pages. The theme is common to all pages, except for group, event, and space pages, which may each have their own theme. 1
  5. Design
    the Change theme
    – The menu item that enables users to change their Windows Live theme. 1
  6. Design (DGN)
    the Design; the DGN
    – A format used by the Bentley MicroStation CAD program to store drawing files. 1
  7. Design (Desktopdesign)
    the theme; the desktop theme
    – A collection of visual elements and sounds for your computer desktop or device User Interface. A theme determines the look of the various visual elements of your User Interface, such as windows, icons, fonts, and colors, and it can include sounds. 1

Übersetzung Matrix für Design:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
Change theme Design
DGN DGN; Design
Design DGN; Design
desktop theme Design; Desktopdesign
skin Design; Skin Fell; Haut; Pelz; Schale
theme Design; Desktopdesign Inhalt eines Buches; Thema; Thema eines Buches
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
skin Die Schlange häutet sich.; Meine Haut schält sich.; Skin übernehmen; abdecken; abhobeln; abhäuten; enthäuten; pellen; raspeln; schinden; schälen; sich häuten; sich schälen

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Wiktionary Übersetzungen für Design:

  1. die Kunst und Wissenschaft der Produktgestaltung
  2. die Gestaltung eines Produktes hinsichtlich Erscheinungsbild und Benutzbarkeit
  1. plan
  2. image used as the background of graphical user interface

Cross Translation:
Design design stylisme — (term, Tous domaines) Travail sur l’aspect extérieur d’un produit industriel en vue d’un résultat esthétique s'accordant à des impératifs fonctionnels et commercial.