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idiot [the ~] Nomen

  1. the idiot
    the imbecile; the idiot; the fool
  2. the idiot
    the simpleton; the dolt; the ninny; the nitwit; the silly thing; the idiot
  3. the idiot
    the Simple Simon; the numbskull; the birdbrain; the idiot; the dunce; the duffer; the oaf; the fool; the nitwit; the rattle brain; the rattle-brain; the stupid; the feather head; the simpleton; the fathead; the fat head
  4. the idiot
    the madcap; the dud; the jerk; the drip; the figure; the character; the idiot; the madman
  5. the idiot
    the nerd; the nitwit; the idiot; the numbskull; the blockhead; the oaf; the simpleton
  6. the idiot
    the simpleton; the numbskull; the dumbo; the idiot; the rattle-brain; the simple mind; the silly man; the fool
  7. the idiot
    the mentally disabled; the lunatic; the loony; the buffoon; the rattle-brain; the idiot; the nutcase; the ass; the madman; the fool; the mad; the daft; the clown
  8. the idiot
    the nincompoop; the nitwit; the dimwit; the ninny; the fathead; the numskull; the idiot
  9. the idiot
    the Simple Simon; the idiot; the nutcase; the birdbrain; the rattle-brain
  10. the idiot
    the mentally disturbed person; the nut; the lunatic; the mental patient; the loony; the madman; the maniac; the madcap; the madwoman; the imbecile; the mentally ill person; the idiot
  11. the idiot
    – a person of subnormal intelligence 1
    the retard; the moron; the idiot; the changeling; the imbecile; the cretin; the half-wit
    – a person of subnormal intelligence 1

idiot Adjektiv

  1. idiot
    idiot; foolish; silly; daft; potty

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  1. a person of subnormal intelligence1

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